Depression is a mood disorder, which makes you to feel hopeless, worthless as well as depressed. It is no surprise that people afflicted by this disorder are uncertain about how to heal themselves. Happiness is what they are striving for, yet they’re stuck in a negative attitude.

This disorder has the ability to take control over their own lives. They may sometimes find themselves feeling worse and not knowing why. You will find things that they may be doing on a daily basis which are worsening their depression.

It is important to remember that although you or someone you may know is suffering from this ailment, it isn’t a reflection of the person who you/they are.

The list below will be here to help you. All these are things that someone experiencing depression could possibly be doing, that could be making their depression worse. In the event that you or somebody you know can relate to the list, this is the first step to understanding that you’re able to deal with your depression, and take control back of your life.

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