Unless you are a professional fitness educator, dog walker, swimmer, runner, retail partner, waiter, chef, or crossing guard, you are probably sitting a lot. There aren’t many ways about it if you’ve got a 9-to-5 occupation, or possibly a job that needs you to fly or drive places for extended hours.

In addition, after a long day of sitting and studying screens, you may be tired and even wish to put down. All that time on your butt or on your back may mean seriously bad news for your wellbeing.

Chronic pain, higher stress, problems sleeping, and weight gain may all mean that you are spending too much time sitting. Whether you are on the job, in your vehicle, or in your bed, take notice of how frequently you end up sitting and take the chance when you can to stand up and walkabout. Moving around every day, whether it be taking a walk, going for a jog, or linking a spin course, can help reverse some of the issues caused by sitting too much.

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Should you find yourself suffering from any one of these signs, it might be one of the scary indications that you are sitting too far.